You’ve got to be on the side of the film maker if the Hamas-nazis are angry with us.

Dozens of people joined a protest in Gaza City, some carrying swords, axes and black flags, and chanting: “Shame on everyone who insults the prophet,” and: “Death to America.” The rally was organised by supporters of the militant organisation the Popular Resistance Committees.

Hamas, the larger militant group that governs Gaza, also condemned the film.

Its religious affairs minister, Ismail Radwan, called it an “insult to the millions of Muslims all over the world”.

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  1. Remember. These palestinians know about the murder of our ambassador in Libya and they still decided to protest.

    I think they just waited a few days because they knew it would remind us of them dancing in the streets on 9/11.

    These people teach their children to be suicide bombers and they want to talk to us about language that incites violence?

  2. There are plenty of truthful videos on YouTube that Muslim feel is offensive to Islam. They do this so as to deflect attention of their barbaric behaviours. Anything and everything that is not Islam is offensive to Muslim. Typical barbaric behaviours of the followers of the Religion of Hate. What’s new? If most Muslims know how to read, they would know that their prophet was a murderer, rapist, phedopile, highway robber. Muslims have no answer to the truth, so they do what they do best and that is to go on a violent rampage to silence the truth. Muslims just can’t handle the truth that they worship an evil prophet Muhammad and and an evil god Allah. So they could have used anything to give them an excuse to go on a violent rampage. Muslims think, “We don’t like it because you point out the ugly things in Islam, therefore we will silence you because the truth is offensive if you point it out.”

  3. Further more, they are just following in the example of their prophet. Mohammad had people who critized him killed. Muslim and Islam cannot co-exist with the rest of humanity! If you let them into your country, it will go to shit just like countries where Muslims are the majority. This is true everywhere in the world where there are a good number of Muslims living in one place. Just look at Europe and it will get worst if Muslim immigration does not stop. They bring absolutely no benefit whatsoever and only harm and suffering.

  4. I’m really, really sick of this. It’s about time that someone gave these twisted scumbags the mother of all kickings!
    If you discount the misguided, gullible moderates, there has to be close to a billion of these mentally ill lunatics on the planet. Give me a billion syringes full of tranquilizer, and a billion straitjackets, plus the materials to build the World’s largest secure psychiatric prison, then I’ll show you a plan!

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