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  1. I am a Muslim so a pacifist naturally. But if you offend the Muslims then do not think to be spared. Why the Non Muslims thrive on Anti-Islam. Islam is for peace.Live and let live. Yes if you have all the right to think your belief is correct one then the same goes with Muslims. We are human. Our desires and needs are same irrespective of our colour,creed and religion. Respect the humanity. Christians say so but a small minority do not practice this. Inter faith harmony is needed in this global village. Respect others to be respected.

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      Hi Ahmad, seeing that you begin your comment with, “Hi, I’m a pacifist, but if you offend me you’re on my hit list”, pardon me when I say, you’ve just served to underline my point. Islam is an intolerant ideology, totalitarian in width, breadth and depth and not compatible with 21 century democratic pluralism. You as a Muslim, and/or Islam itself, haven’t any right ”not to be offended”, as well as to dictate to me let alone threaten me with violence.

      That’s what a pluralist liberal democracy stands for, discussion, disagreement, outright rejection of other’s opinions and yes, ridicule and offense, because sometimes, even the truth can be offensive, like right now in the dressing down that I’m giving you. Muslims and Islam itself deserves, needs and should expect in the future, constant criticism and offense given to it, there is no other way to bring it into the 21st century.

      Islam as it stands, and the Muslims who speak it from the roof tops, offends the sensibilities of every non-Muslim with a thinking head on his or her shoulders, regardless of faith or lack thereof. Islam offends the Christians and Jews it hunts down, beats and murders. Islam offends those who have had/and some still do, pay the jizya, and feel themselves subdued while paying it.

      Islam offends when it says that Jews and Christians are ”people of the book” as if they don’t have their own religious texts themselves. Islam offends every time they call the religious historical figures of Judaism and Christianity ”Muslims”, though both predate Islam itself by hundreds and in Judaism, thousands of years.

      Islam offends every time an imam or cleric repeats koranic texts or hadiths calling for the subjugation of the entire world to Islam, and forcing the non-Muslims who resist to pay the jizya. Islam offends every time a sharia court declares a woman’s voice half that of a man’s, and insists on corporal punishment with the whacking off of hands and feet.

      The West has had it up to here, with Islam Ahmad, take your sanctimonious drivel back to the streets of Pakistan and preach your ”Islam is pacifist” message to your own people. I wish you all the success in the world trying to convince them that Islam is in fact, a pacifist creed, make sure that you always have a back door exit for quick get-a-ways when they try to slit your throat.

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