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Also, I hear through the grapevine that the producer of Pastor Jones’ movie is a Jewish American, not an Israeli, this hasn’t been confirmed but it needs vetting. That said, Obama and ilk are absolutely pathetic. Offering these neanderthals (with apologies to the ancient neanderthals) an apology for a film in spite of their unforgivable actions, only gives them more licence to commit other violent acts due to being ”offended”.

The Egyptian Government Did Not Protect U.S. Embassy and Obama Apologizes Instead of Protesting

This article is published on PJMedia.

By Barry Rubin

Egypt tells us everything we need to know about the horror of Obama’s Middle East policy. The latest development is that a group of several Salafist and Jihadist groups–including the local affiliate of al-Qaida–announced a demonstration outside the U.S. Embassy. This was explained as a protest against some obscure film made in America by a crackpot that criticizes Islam but has never actually been shown to an audience and probably never will be!

But note well that everyone–except the Western media–understands that holding such a demonstration on September 11 means supporting the September 11 attack. The Egyptian government knew the time of the demonstration and the participants–it was all publicly announced–yet Egyptian security forces did not protect the embassy. And so the demonstrators scaled the wall, entered the compound, tore up the American flag, and put up the historic revolutionary flag of Islam (the eighth century black, not the seventh century green one) in its stead. Why didn’t Egyptian security forces stop them? It was a deliberate decision no doubt taken at the highest level.

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