The killing fields of Syria.

But the West has no dog in the fight, and have made it clear, less Assad uses chemical weapons, they will not get involved. Nor should they, there are no good guys worth backing, and the ones who hold values closest to that of the West’s, have no chance of ever coming out on top. Backing the rebels who have Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida connections, is sheer stupidity.


The country is more divided than ever. Syrians have largely split into two camps, whereas before there had been a large group in the middle that supported neither the regime nor the opposition. Slipping into the regime camp are mainly minority groups that were previously on the fence – Christians, Druze, and Ismailis – but have grown disenchanted with the rebels. Bassam Haddad, a Syrian commentator and director of the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University, addressed this theme in a recent article, writing that “both camps have solidified into two concrete walls, crushing nuance and humanity.”

The opposition, having clearly failed to unite, to present a viable alternative to Assad and to reassure the country’s minorities, is partly to blame for the impasse. Last month, the opposition Syrian National Council was attacked by the Joint Military Council, which claims to represent around 60 percent of fighters, for failing to unite the opposition behind a coherent political alternative. The rebels have also engaged in some atrocious sectarian violence, such as the killing of five Alawite officers in a police station outside Damascus, while sparing the rest – which three days later led the regime’s militias to slaughter at least 20 of the town’s residents on Aug. 1. International media have also reported extensively on the rise of extremism among the opposition’s fighters, a trend the regime had long highlighted even before it became true.

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  1. Hopefully most of the Christians have escaped, not to Turkey, I hope; there are many ordinary people suffering too, alas.

    The only good thing is that they cannot blame the West here; that’s the ONLY good thing. Assad or the even worse Islamic Republic of Syria, which is worse? If this was Israel, as i have said before all the embassies in the world would have been set on fire, imolations galore and killing lots and lots of Jews would have happened by now.

  2. Who knows when the next future Mohammed or Saladin or Osama may be snuffed out in this righteous struggle for Allahs favor? Let us hope it doesn’t weaken Islam too much. Maybe after the election some one could schedule a meeting or send an Email with our support and concern for all the Muslims involved.

    Support Islam! Support both sides! They are all winners!

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