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Sweden has dropped off the deep end.

Interpol is once again aiding and abetting tyranny. The last time around it was helping the Saudis track down Hamza Kashgari, for blasphemy against Islam, now it’s helping the Saudis in hunting down an apostate from Islam. This is what happens when Saudi dollars float freely around the globe, corruption erupts at the highest level.

NOTE: The Swedes have long since been on the side of tyranny, their entire political and legal systems are proof enough. How easy it is for them to aid a 7th century regime, and shows just how much a faux humanitarian state Sweden actually is.

Interpol and Swedish authorities aid Saudi Embassy to hunt convert

In late July Saudi media reported that a Saudi woman named Maryam (28) had illegally both embraced Christianity and fled the country. Her family have charged two men — a Lebanese and a Saudi national — with complicity in her conversion and escape. The men will face court on 15 September. Whilst a woman claiming to be Maryam told an Arabic TV channel that she was converted through a dream and has found peace in Christianity, Saudi media maintain it is all either fraud or coercion. The woman’s family has suggested she is a victim of human traffickers. Interpol is reportedly coordinating with the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm and Swedish authorities to find and return the ‘girl’ before her ‘kidnappers’ can move her to another country. Please pray.

Since late July Saudi media have been buzzing with reports that a 28-year-old Saudi woman has embraced Christianity and fled the country, staying initially in a church in Lebanon before moving on to Sweden. According to the Saudi Gazette, the woman, Maryam, appeared on an Arabic TV channel saying she was tired of performing prayers and fasting during Ramadan — rituals that never brought her any benefit. She also criticised Saudi Arabia’s Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. She claimed to have been converted through a dream and said that though she was raised to hate Judaism and Christianity she has come to love those religions since finding peace in Christianity.

The woman’s father said his daughter was working in an insurance company in Al-Khobar (in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province) when her boss, a Lebanese Christian man, influenced her and ultimately encouraged her to leave Islam. According to Saudi investigators, a second man, a Saudi national, helped the woman obtain false documents and leave the country. The woman’s family have pressed charges against the two men because apostasy (leaving Islam) is an Islamic capital offence and a Saudi woman is not allowed to get a passport without the permission of her male guardian. The men will face court on Saturday 15 September.

Prosecuting lawyer, Humood Al-Khaldi, said that whilst the penalty in Islam of death for apostasy is clear, ‘the roles played by the two men, the Saudi and Lebanese, in making the girl become Christian should be taken into consideration’. He said ‘the court should make sure first that the girl was coerced into converting to Christianity and fleeing the country’. According to Gulf News, ‘Most Saudis reacting to the Khobar woman saga . . . have been calling for stringent action against the Lebanese and Saudi nationals for their alleged roles in the case, claiming that they were “well aware of the consequences of their act”.’

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  1. Interpol are always arresting innocent people and having them thrown into ex KGB prisons without habeas corpus – the European Arrest Warrant has employed interpol many times, only UKIP has managed to bring our citizens back after months/years.

    Deuteronomy 27:25 cursed is the one who takes a bribe to slay an innocent person

  2. kate b

    Excellent comment.

    Please pray for all Christians facing horrific persecution in Islamic countries. Let us hope that Iraqi Christians, who have found refuge in Syria, do not have to flee yet again, once the West has managed to liberate Syria.

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