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An anomaly for sure.

For me, this shows that Muslims placing value on modernity and rational experiences instead of upon classical Islamic texts and preaching (immersed in basic 101 understanding), stand a chance at becoming productful, useful individuals. The more a Muslim is contact with his ”inner mohamed” however, the more likely he or she will end up being hunted down by the likes of Wahib, who by the way still identifies himself as a Muslim.

NOTE: I find it more than interesting that he keeps at his residence in the Arab village of his youth “two statues of dogs welcome guests, perhaps as a warning to ill wishers to keep their distance.”

H/T: Donny Kligman

An officer and a Muslim Zionist

“He woke up, he says, when he was 14 years old and began studying at the technological high school in Nazareth – a Christian boarding school. There he was exposed to the modern world for the first time. The distance from the village and the family, during these teenage years when one develops an identity, took its course.

“The Christian Arabs’ culture is similar to the Europeans’. They are less fanatic and far more modern than the Muslims. The lessons at the school followed Education Ministry guidelines, and I suddenly discovered a world that I never knew existed. I discovered that the Jews weren’t as bad as I was told growing up. I discovered that they have a good side that I am drawn to. I identified with their principles and the way they protect one another. I felt that I wanted to become a part of this country.”

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  1. I still don’t understand why he ‘still holds onto his Muslim faith’ why? since he knows from reality and from his Christian School in Nazareth that all the history of the land is Jewish. Since his Koran states that it confirms the Torah and Injil (sura 3:3) then why does the the Koran state Adam was made from blood and in another part, blood and sperm, no Adam is created from earth and returns to it, hence his name. Since Jesus states in the Injil (new testament) that the law is not ‘done away with’ in Matthew 5:17 then why ‘hold onto’ a religion which replaces a lot the original Torah and steals the covenants for Islam, I know a lot of ‘Christians’ do this, but you won’t find it written in the text as the ‘gifts and calling of YY is irrevocable’ ie the covenants can’t be transferred to a different people. Why would he hold onto a faith which demands he kill Jews and subdue infidels………what’s to hold on to?

  2. Well and good for the officer. But this exceptional case must not allow any modification in policy regards Islam.

    Islam is ideologically opposed to all things non-Muslim.

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