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But first, Tariq Ramadan’s words on colonizing America. And hey all you dopes at the various leftist ”think” tanks  (UPI/Toby Archer and like ilk), Muslim leaders really do mean to colonize us, even the highly promoted “Muslim Martin Luther” T.Ramadan.’

NOTE: They take us for, a bunch of dopes, but in reality, they’re the ones who are a bunch of under achieving morons.

Tariq Ramadan:

It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing positively the United States of America.

We don’t want the West to be destructed. What we want is the West to be reformed.

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Tariq Ramadan & the Islamization of Europe 

By Jacob Thomas in Collaboration with June Engdahl

It is well known that political correctness is pervasive on both sides of the Atlantic in all aspects of society.  The liberal intelligentsia in government, academia and the professions has determined what kind of discourse is reasonable and appropriate and what is not. They are becoming ever more self-consciously cautious in all they say about Islam and what they will tolerate others saying about it. The same self-censorious attitude prevails in much of the Western mainline media.   Fear of being charged with Islamophobia by the reigning principalities and powers is stronger than the love of truth.

But there are still many who do not abide by the strictures of political correctness.  Thanks to the Internet, many in the closed world of the Islamic Ummah can read online in their native Arabic, the works of secular reformist thinkers.  Topics of great interest are discussed with utter frankness, unrestrained from the usual governmental controls that suffocate the freedom of the conventional print press.

An article I recently found in Al-Awan[1] which was actually written just over three years ago (26 August 2009) is a good example of positive trends from secular Arab intellectuals. The writer is a member of “The Secular Center for the Study of Islamics,” and his topic was the role of Tariq Ramadan, in “The Islamization of Europe.”  He has very perceptive things to say about this very influential shaper of the West’s understanding of Islam.  They are still pertinent today.

Before I present his remarks, and make some reflections on them, a little background on Tariq Ramadan is in order for those not yet familiar with his Islamic pedigree.

He is a direct descendent of Hassan al-Banna, whose legacy is unparalleled in the modern history of Islam.[2] Al-Banna may be regarded as the father of Political Islam.  Some of his followers over the years engaged in assassinations of prominent Egyptian leaders.

Two years after Colonel Gamal abdul-Nasser toppled the monarchy in July, 1952; the Muslim Brotherhood attempted his assassination as he was delivering a speech in Alexandria, in October, 1954. It was foiled and the organization was banned, and many of its members were given long prison sentences.  Others managed to flee to Europe and America, where they continued their subversive activities in the promotion of their radical agenda.

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  1. Luckily islam have the korrran. It make it impossible for them to evolve to a civilised society.

    When we have too, we can take them out in a second 🙂

  2. “We don’t want the West to be destructed. What we want is the West to be reformed.”

    By reformed I take it you mean the removal of democracy, the removal of women’s rights, the legalization of child abuse and pedophilia, the reverence of murder and rape, the forced worship of a 7th Century psychopath, the introduction of laws that remove individual right to personal belief, the criminalization of alcohol, the introduction of institutionalized superstitions, the state approval of telling lies, and the withering of education in sciences and arts.

    Er…. no thanks. Call me old-fashioned, but I think we’ll pass on that one.

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