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This is the disaster that is Obama.


GOP nominee Mitt Romney probably put it best in a statement released just after this morning’s jobs numbers were released: “If last night was the party, this morning is the hangover.”

At 8:30 am ET this morning, we might have received the news that explained President Obama’s startling bad performance last night. If there was a single moment Democrats thought they could count on to hit a convention grand slam, it was their clean-up hitter, Barack Obama, who would undoubtedly close the convention on a triumphant note. Instead, what we got was a wan, uninspiring speech from a president who seemed tired and even defeated.

When Obama gave that speech, he already knew the numbers that were just released a few minutes ago. So it’s not hard to imagine that his performance was affected knowing that in just a few hours a bomb was about drop on his parade.

And what a bomb it is. Expectations for the new jobs numbers ranged from 150,000 to 210,000. Instead, only 96,000 new private sector jobs were created — a brutal number, even worse than last month’s.

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  1. I downloaded Romney’s five-point plan for economic recovery. Some of it isn’t so great, but one thing I like about it is the decision to perform a total review and roll-back of EPA edicts on CO2. This is one of the biggest job-killing things O’Bama has done.

    Moreover, the whole “green jobs” canard is ridiculous with even a casual glance. Making electricity more expensive to support “green jobs” increases the cost of doing business and cuts into families’ disposable income. Driving up the cost of doing business with technology that cannot support itself without government subsidy is a prescription for disaster. Sad to say, the EPA rules that O’Bama implemented were drawn up by the Bush Administration under pressure from the Democratic Congress and the OPEC cartel.

    Mitt Romney needs to go further with his plan. New technology creates new jobs. There is a role Government can play, but only if the technology is in-demand to begin with. Therefore, since personal computers were in-demand when Clinton took over, the federal funds spent wiring schools to the internet accelerated the growth of the technology sector while providing useful public infrastructure.

    O’Bama has no such plans. The only plan O’Bama has is to push uneconomical technology on us with government subsidy while driving up the cost of energy. Along with this drive up of the cost of energy is the associated across-the-board increase in the cost of doing business. People simply don’t understand how this is murdering jobs by the tens of thousands.

    Even the United Mine Workers is taking a vacation from this campaign. The UMW is normally an enthusiastic supporter of the Democrats.

    The IBEW has told the O’Bama administration that his “green energy” and carbon-emissions policy has cost them 250,000 jobs.

    If O’Bama isn’t listening to his own base of support, who is he listening to? My thesis says he’s listening to OPEC and the Saudis.

    Several times I heard O’Bama and other Democrats criticize “Oil Company Executives” but not once did they criticize OPEC for fixing oil prices.

    And frankly, I haven’t heard Romney and the Republicans take on OPEC in any meaningful way. There are good reasons for this, but I’ll patiently wait to see Romney get elected before I start ripping into him. No sense putting the cart before the horse. Besides, there’s an ace up America’s sleeve and it may be too early for Romney to play it.

    1. I agree. romney’s plan is far from perfect..(no plan will ever be) but at least its a step in the right direction…that’s all im asking for right now. The path Obama and his colleagues are on…is the road to destruction. Reagan inherited a as or even more major of a mess from Carter, but he instituted what needed to be done…easing up on regulations (the more you have the less services and things you have) tax cuts across the board and allow the private sector to kick start. Obama has done the exact opposite and now, even union members are seeing the impact, as their chiefs enrich themselves and jobs head across the ocean.

      Left to his own devices, Obama in the next four years if reelected, will become an even more imperial president, sidestepping congress (unconstitutional) as he has done repeatedly, and empowering the federal government agencies like the EPA etc, to new unheard of levels. Time to curtail the ”no growth, flat earth environmentalists at the EPA, and end their death grip on the US economy. The founding document never envisioned a non-elected group legislating outside of congress which is what the EPA and other parts of the US bureaucracy do.

      Great comments TINSC, thanks for posting them. And rest assured, I’ll be ripping into Romney if he’s elected. He’ll do from time to time conservative things, but at heart, he’s still a ”Nixon type republican” that has to be reigned in, with his feet being put to the fire.

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