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In the highly corrupt Gazan enclave, cronyism is the bread and butter by which all business is conducted. It’s not real capitalism, is nepotism, clan loyalties and outright thuggery. So in spite of the massive aid being continuously pumped into Gaza, there are people who fail to get even the crumbs tossed out by these powerful potentate run clans.

It’s not up to Israel to ensure money is dispersed according to who is actually in need, it’s up to the Hamas. Like all other mob entities before it, the Hamas dishes out largess (western aid) as it sees fit, and if you fail to find a place in their ”generosity”, you’re screwed. That’s the way it’s been in totalitarian regimes throughout history.

The Guardian however, with a continual anti-Israel itch to scratch, makes a stale attempt at implicating the Jewish state in the man’s attempted suicide. For them, the Arabs are never to blame for any of their own self inflicted problems and misery, it’s always someone else, the Jews.

 Listen to the (then) Israeli ambassador to Finland, Amb.Avi Granot at a semniar where anti-Israel faux scholar Avi Shlaim spoke. I took the film:

Israel Made Me Set Myself on Fire


The Guardian reports that an unemployed Gaza man has died after setting himself alight, apparently in protest over his family’s dire living conditions.

Harriet Sherwood expands on Gaza’s woes including unemployment, population growth and “Overcrowding, lengthy and frequent power cuts, unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and inadequate medical care”.

Up until this point, there is no mention of who or what may be responsible. But then comes the rub:

Israel enforced a tight blockade of Gaza for four years after Hamas took control of the area in June 2006, banning most imports, exports and the movement of people. Although it eased the blockade in 2010, there are still heavy restrictions on importing construction materials, exporting almost all goods and the issuing of permits to leave Gaza via Israel.

No responsibility attributed to Hamas, the terror organization that governs the Gaza Strip.

And what about the “impoverished” Gaza? Khaled Abu Toameh writes:

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