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 This is what I would like to see happen to the rest of Griffen’s fellow ideological parties on the Left, a comical end to their socialism in its entirety. All it takes is a committiment to  rediscovering the Scottish enlightenment and free market principles, and individual liberty. You need not become a ward of the state if you value individual sovereignty.

NOTE: I do admire Ed West’s foray into the debate, but he greatly errs in the (discredited) age old political spectrum of ”Right and Left”. BNP represents the racist portion of the Left-wing (socialists). You could more accurately label them the ”Right-wing of the Socialist Left. These elements of the Left, the no immigration racists, and open borders haters of western civilization mirror, and are in constant war with each other, but it’s all happening on the ideological Left.

H/T: The most honorable, Henrik Ræder Clausen

Today the major anti-immigration parties, such as the Freedom Party in Holland, the Swiss People’s Party, Danish People’s Party and True Finns, do not have any characteristics of the Far-Right – an aversion to democracy, hostility to capitalism, or fondness for violence.

And so the term “populist” is often used as a dog-whistle (if I may borrow the terminology of the Left) to suggest simplistic views on immigration inspired by ignorance or bigotry. But here is where the problem lies: the New Left’s definition of extremism on immigration and race – hostility to becoming a minority in one’s country, city, neighbourhood or school – might better be described as “human nature”, so universal is it; research increasingly suggests that it is innate. That’s different from racial hatred, of the sort the BNP espouses, which is why the party has so consistently failed to attract support despite widespread unhappiness about immigration.

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