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The ”useless as tits on a bull” UN does it again.

As John Bolton once said:

“The UN should be closed and cell phones passed out to all the departing delegates and staff.”

U.N. Human Rights Council to Add Genocidal Warlord

Funded primarily with U.S. tax dollars, the famously corrupt United Nations has hit a new low, awarding a genocidal warlord indicted by an international court for crimes against humanity a seat on its laughable human rights council.

The worst part is that this madness is funded by Americans to the tune of 7-plus billion dollars a year. The American cash keeps pouring in even though the U.N. is pillar of corruption, fraud and mismanagement. Its so-called human rights council is a huge joke with members that are famous for oppressing their citizens and, in many cases, committing atrocious human rights violations. Cuba, Iran and Venezuela are among the offenders.

Now the U.N. is allowing Sudan’s Omar Al-Bashir, the last person on earth you would go to for anything related to human rights, have a seat on its human rights council. Here is a little background on the ruthless African dictator; He has been charged by the International Criminal Court of war crimes in Darfur and is responsible for killing thousands of his own citizens.

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  1. I believe that Interpol or a similar international police body has an active arrest warrant for Al-Bashir.

    I wonder if it is possible for the UN to lose more credibility than it already has. On the positive side, this makes their relentless attacks on Israel look even more ridiculous than they did before.

  2. Insane,Satanic! What world are we living in?The foxes not only guard the henhouse but dictate morality to the hens and guard dogs. May God curse the UN!

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