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Keep plugging away Manfred, only international embarrassment will push the extremist Norwegian elite onto a different, modified path. 

The aberrations of several leading Norwegian media often go beyond the usual bias of many other Western anti-Israel papers. They will readily report on issues in which they can blame Israel, but the numerous Palestinian crimes are often omitted or greatly under-reported. One usually searches in vain for articles about the Hamas party platform which mentions its intention to commit genocide of Jews. The same goes for the Palestinian Authority’s glorification of murderers of Jewish civilians. Frequent and transparent lies by Palestinian ministers, officials and media, rarely if ever get attention.

Norwegian media often looks away from the huge criminality and transgressions of humanitarian laws in the Arab and Muslim world. Mentioning that there is no other religion where murderous ideological criminality flourishes as much as in the Islamic world, is equally taboo.

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  1. So true, all of it.

    One of the main Norwegian papers ran a feature article on the “Arab Spring” in 2011. The article was illustrated with a large map of the Middle East. Inside the map, the region corresponding to Israel (and only Israel) was left blank and only indicated by the legend “The Palestinian region.”

    I couldn’t believe my eyes. They had literally erased Israel from the map.

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