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Anyone who still holds to the fiction that the head scarf (hijab) is just a religious symbol, freely worn by the womenfolk, think again. It’s (hijab) more political than religious, and flaunting it in public is a means of political intimidation by the Muslims towards secular Muslims (even in the West) who are trying to engineer society towards an Islamic state.

It’s been banned by Muslim countries over the decades, and wherever you see Islam in ascendancy, you’ll find out that the wearing of the hijab (and in more extreme cases the burka and niqab) preceded their rise to power.

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  1. Police are afraid of the salafists in these democratic muslim countries….police are afraid of muslims in general in the uk.

    Beware of anyone who gives with a teaspoon and takes with a shovel, in the case of salafists it is your soul and your country they want. The Great War will look puny to the Great civil wars to come in the west and the Middle East.

  2. Shame on all those who saw the Arab Spring as a force for good. Satan’s soldiers are out in force. The sewer that we call the Middle East is about to have even more shit dumped in it.
    It’s going to come to the West too (eventually) and we need to be ready to fight these bastards. United we will swat them like flies, but will we be united? I doubt it. The treacherous Leftists will be throwing spanners in the works and doing what they are best at, betraying their own kind and their own people.

  3. Was in Morocco in the ’70’s for 6 weeks and NEVER saw anything like this! there were even communists giving speeches to small crowds and no one took any notice. What a difference Obama makes…

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