And if they get their way, it will be a far more brutal, bloody period than the apartheid period ever was.

3,000 white farmers have been murdered in South Africa at four times the rate of rural black South Africans. These attacks have not been random, but part of an organized effort conducted by hit squads against the most vulnerable targets. At the same time there has been a significant increase in police shootings of unarmed white South Africans. “Today we are going to arrest a Boer,” has become a common chant among African officers of the South African Police Service. And the Boers often don’t survive the arrest.

Like Mugabe, Zuma’s ANC has been seizing land from white farmers and expelling them from their homesteads. There are now white refugee camps in South Africa with an estimated 300,000 or 7 percent of the white population living in tent cities and shacks. If any other ethnic group or race were on the receiving end of such treatment, it would be denounced as ethnic cleansing.

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  1. They should creat a Boer State in part of SA. Don’t get why they aren’t pushing for it. Just take some of the Orange Free State and Transvaal.

    1. Already the Boers (Farmers) are moving to Mozambique to take advantage of the present governments settlement laws. They have money and hope for the future. But it is the ordinary white that helped make South Africa great, building the banking systems and infrastructure, that are suffering. The aged have much reduced pensions and the ordinary man both British and Afrikaans, along with the coloured, Chinese and Indian populations that are fast losing hope, unable to find jobs that pay enough to live on. The Bantu population have a grudge against the Afrikaner, who tried to enslave and cheat them, but this gets mixed up in the minds of the unsophisticated tribesman, and all whites will suffer. We had hopes that the New President, being a Zulu would get it right this time.
      Ken Guy, Ex South African

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