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Other Finnish parties seen panicking.

Yle election guru: Finns Party to win big in municipals

Yle’s election analyst Sami Borg has predicted that the opposition Centre party and senior government partner the National Coalition will lose ground in the upcoming municipal election. The only party expected to increase its voter support is the anti-euro Finns Party. However Borg says the party’s biggest challenge will be finding suitable candidates for the poll.

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  1. It can’t be. All the progressives have told us the Finns Party are evil. They step on flowers and eat kittens. OK, maybe they also care about the people and actually listen to the voters but what about the kittens and the flowers?!?! The aunties in flowered hats can’t be lying to us, can they?

    I remember how shocked the newpapers were over the huge gain in votes by the Finns Party in the last big round of voting. It is difficult for the media to conceive people do not obey them.

  2. The worst thing that could happen to Finland is that it adopts the same immigration and multiculturalist policies as Sweden. The Finns Party are a guarantee against that happening. Even if the Finns Party never gain an absolute majority, the other parties are too scared of losing votes to them to become too infatuated with mass immigration and multiculturalism.

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