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Islam traumatizes. 

Lets not forget that the ‘jet set’ still loves to frequent that Muslim state, spending their wealth to live in the lap of luxury. The society’s shell may be 21st century, but its inner core is still in the 7th.

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The Brisbane woman, 30, who spent eight months in jail, has been hospitalised three times in the past year, she still has flashbacks and nightmares and she will need more treatment.

She says that noises and smells that remind her of the “horrendous” conditions inside the squalid prison continue to trigger anxiety, panic attacks and flashbacks to her ordeal.

“It can be as simple as smells of bad body odour, certain foods, people talking in different languages, if I see something about an assault or about a prison,” she told The Sunday Mail last week.

“If I feel I’m in a space where I can’t get out, I’m trapped or confined in some way, I have panic attacks, very bad claustrophobia.”

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  1. Do you believe islam is good for Australia Alicia?
    Do you believe our politicians when they call for religious tolerence of islam and that we must have islamic immigration?
    I dont.
    You should educate school children of the evil that is coming.

    1. I concur! Alicia, please tell everyone your story and hopefully people will wake up to the evil IDEOLOGY called the “religion” of islam.

  2. Poor woman. She expected the UAE police to protect her instead of raping her and keeping her in prison for years. Western people in general and especially females are completely insane to go there. Females do not have full human status in the UAE.

  3. I remember some dumb ass telling me that the UAE was his favorite place to visit. He did not care that it wasn’t safe for women, he thought it was safe for him and that was all that mattered. I wondered how he could be so oblivious to the facts. Females should not go to the UAE, but if they do that does give muslim troglodytes the right to rape them.
    Meanwhile, this poor woman a victim of a traumatic & violent attack is re-victimized by the neanderthals in beards who cling to a 7th century pedophile’s hallucinations. As far as I’m concerned the UAE is not fit for most humans, especially non-muslims.

  4. It’s not just the UAE that’s unsafe for women: ALL Moslem states (especially Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Egypt – but all of them are really just as bad) are as much!!!!

    Absolutely NO Westerners should go ANYWHERE where Islam is dominant, let alone supreme!!! No tourism, no business, no personal ties, no culture, absolutely NOTHING!!!!!

    1. I agree, which is sad, since I had hoped to visit the pyramids.

      Still, maybe in a few years, they won’t be there anymore – since they honor non-islamic gods.

  5. Islam is the most evil ideology ever on earth. We don’t give nazism any wiggle room. Nor should we for islam. In our free societies, we should demonize islam loudly and in public. We should actively proselytize muslims in our countries for our religions (or lack there of) to encourage leaving or to just shame them for staying in an ideology that celebrates killing, genocide, the rape of children (Aisha) at 9 years old, slavery and more.

  6. How come Australia did not do more to get her out of that wretched country when they took HER to jail?

    1. Maybe they did – 8 months is not much for being raped – usual punishment is 100 lashes and at least 2 years in prison for single women. Married women of course are stoned to death.

    2. Sorry. I was wrong, seems you can also be stoned to death if your rapist was married.

  7. Alice,
    The Arabic word for “God” is ILah.
    The deity of Islam is Allah
    The deity of Christianity is YWHW (Exodus 3:14 “I AM WHO I AM”), a term repeated in the Bible over 6800 times, but never Allah.
    The deities are different!!!
    The Spirit Allah from Islam (that inspired Muhammad) is Lucifer.
    Allah is a name, not Title.
    For the last 1400 years, the followers of Muhammad have succeeded in perpetuating one of the greatest falsehoods that was ever insinuated into the human consciousness, namely, that Allah was or is the God of Israel.
    Just as Jove and Zeus were NOT the One and Only God of Israel, neither was Allah!

    1. The false god of the Koran has NONE of the attributes of the One True God. It does, however, share the quality of being a DECEIVER with another being, namely SATAN.

      And for any Koranimals who may be reading this: La ilaha “allah”, Muhammad rasul al-Shaitan. How ya like THAT shahada? “There is no god “allah”, Muhammad is the messenger of Satan!”

  8. Just saw this nightmare on 7 and I have made some decisions.
    All muslim countries are now a no-go zone for me.
    All Starwwood owned hotels can go to hell!! 2m/month Fritz can go there too!!
    Qantas is also off the list while they are associated with UAE

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