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  1. “The Torah, the Koran and the Bible are regarded by Jews, Muslims and Fundamentalist Christians as the infallible Word of God that must never be questioned. These people regard these “holy” texts as infinitely true, hence anything that contradicts them must be infinitely false. Virtually 100% of religious fundamentalists believe that God literally made the world in six days and rested on the seventh, and that this took place within the last four thousand years or so. Almost all Muslims, Orthodox Jews and Christian Fundamentalist reject Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. So, there can be no question that believing in these books makes you infinitely stupid. Islam will get more and more backward as it clings to a text that stands in direct opposition to science and technology. Over a billion people, because of their inflexible, “infinite” belief, will fall further and further behind everyone else. In a million years from now, they will be infinitely far behind and they will be living in caves clutching tattered copies of the Koran and they will no longer be recognizable as members of the human race. That’s how dangerous it is to attach yourself to the wrong religion, a religion literally going backwards. With every passing year, the Abrahamic faiths fall further behind. ”
    courtesy of Armageddonconspiracy.co uk

  2. In 20 years Turkey will be another Islamic shit hole, well done islamists, you are giving communists a run for their money in the “fucking countries up” category.

  3. Those who really take Mohomet’s teachings to heart really do become more like him and those who take Jesus’ to heart become more like him (you’d have to read about him and not look at Christians as, on the whole they are Torahless/lawless).

    As for being infinitely stupid, the teachings are ‘your wisdom’ and ‘life’ for individual’s and nations who follow these teachings, which leaves a fraction of individuals amongst the nations and by the skin of its teeth just one nation who is not drowning as the rest of us – if this post is promoting life (ie getting you to read TNK then this post is alright for those who want to judge me for writing).

    Also Israel is back in her land, the spiritual opposite of Israel from Israel’s first day is trying to nick/destroy it and the king of the medes is getting his act together to be brought down with all the nations surrounding Israel of the same spiritual stock, ending with the last one, Turkey, all predicted 2,800 years ago – and all the nations won’t be with Israel (only individuals) not so stupid writings.

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