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  1. It appears the individual in the white Toyota van set up the Israeli for the event when he inexplicably paused (@0:28). Seconds later, @0:32 a blue car – similar to the one involved with the altercation- travelling in the opposite direction beeps his horn as he passes the Toyota and the Israeli as if signalling the driver in the Toyota. Given the timing, it appears that blue vehicle turned around and came up from behind the Israeli after that point.

    Given most of the visible road signs were in Hebrew, I imagine the other drivers who stopped were also Israeli and prepared with their own weapons to back up the threatened Israeli driver. I didn’t notice a single cell phone being pulled to call for police assistance. Israelis dont appear inhibited about protecting themselves . Bloomberg needs to pay attention.

    1. When you only have seconds, the police will be there within minutes.

  2. If we had the right to bear arms in the UK and elsewhere in Western Europe, then we would never have any culturally enriched problems, having a gun is an obvious deterrent for these creeps to think again about their behaviour towards the Infidel, Kafir.

  3. Aw, he didn’t shoot the tyres and then fone the police, or maybe the police are just as useless, and would call this ‘Islamo – phobia’. Well done, that man!

  4. And there’s me thinking Muslims loved to die. All it takes is one point of a gun and the guy drops his crowbar and starts laying eggs!

  5. “When you only have seconds, the police will be there within minutes.” – Dallas

    Well said!
    I would have at least shot out two tires for that bold thief. I wonder if the blue car was stolen too and he felt it was time for a new car. Either way, he wouldn’t have enough spare tires to fix two flats.

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