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  1. It is the US that is supporting Islamists around the world- arming them, supporting them with no-fly zones against reasonable ME countries, so when the Islamists win, they murder Christians, burn churches, and finally drive them out. Ditto in Iraq – people warned that Christians were being massacred in Iraq, but America turned a blind eye. Now there are few Christian left in Iraq. Only Syria was generous enough to offer refuge to hundreds of thousands of them.

    It was the US that bombed Serbia and created a Muslim state in Europe. Both France and the UK were initially against it. It was again the US that created a narco-Muslim state in Europe – Kosovo.

    If the US continues on this anti-Christian path, there will be no Christians in the original lands they were from.

  2. Our government falls for these Islamists hook line and sinker, the chickens will come home to roost.

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