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  1. Beautiful Norway with your fjords and clean fresh air, you’re about turn into a third-world sewer.
    You reap what you sow!

  2. Thank you so much for keeping an eye on Norway, Tundra. You know more about it than I do, and now it’s got to the point where I’m almost afraid to find out more…

  3. I am reading the Defeating Eurabia essay right now, and I must say Fjordman is a HERO for his tireless work exposing this sick conspiracy.

  4. It isn’t just the LO and the Norwegian Center for Anti-White Racism. Leftist youth groups and even random individual lefty types have already announced that they will be performing volunteer surveillance on private citizens who are critical of Islam and immigration.

    1. Frustrate their ideology by rubbing them in that their hero Gandhi advised turning the other cheek, as well as their lefty interpretation of Jesus. Hell is eternal.

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