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 Welcome to Europpa-topia!

Could it have ended up any other way? Statist projects always end up with tomfoolery such as this. And to think that some of my fellow Americans can’t wait for an Obama win to usher in an Ameritopia for themselves.

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  1. Attention! Illegal bulb alert!
    This is a serious crime. The answer is to stop the police from behind tied up with mundane, pointless tasks such as making the streets safe, catching violent criminals and curtailing house-breakings and get them doing some real police work for a change.
    I say that we should take all the police off the streets and use all available manpower to form an illegal light bulb squad.
    After all, we don’t want people to be kept in the dark do we? That’s not how Europe operates!

  2. The Germans amd British need to learn from the French who have a more relaxed attitude to EU regulations. When commercial fishing regulations were tightened, the British had officials based in or visiting ports while the French set up a small office in Paris, far from the sea, with a small staff and budget.

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