EU Euro Bailout

Did EU let debt spiral spin out of control to get more power?

EuropeNews 17 August 2012

By Nicolai Sennels

It’s hard to believe that a union that knows the exact number of subsidised fallow fields and mountain goats, overlooked the multi-billion debt in her own household until it was too late. Europe’s most powerful ever, the unelected EU Commission, was quick to use the debt as an excuse for handing more power over the member states to itself.

Should the debt spiral in fact be part of a plan that in classical Mafia-style aims to make European countries receptive to an offer they dare not refuse, it would not the first time that the EU leads us into the dark.

Regardless of whether one have confidence in the EU or not, the euro debt paved the way for what they are constantly working toward: an European superstate ripped of European charm and democracy, left in the hands of self-elected people who has shown no interest in protecting the citizens against influence of a criminal religion and its immigrated adherents that have turned out to be a catastrophe for our economy, safety and the rule of secular law that so many people through our continent’s bloody history have given their lives to get and protect.

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