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  1. And lies repeated become truths. This Jefferson/iftar/koraan for guidance lie will be the only ‘truth’ coming up on your search engines soon. We know why people believe it, moral relativism is thrust upon usfrom cradle to grave and the Obama-nation sees Obama as Messiah……….he’s not…..he’s a very naughty boy.

    The BBC education website says please, never sing Britania Rules the Waves……why not? The British Navy was borne out of working with U.S.A. to defeat the Barbary Pirates…….and they are there again today, because Britain is not allowed to rule the waves…, does history rhyme, or what?

    Yes, my Grandad was an immigrant but understood why he came to the UK, he didn’t bring what he’d left behind as he noted that the then UK was superior in every way under Churchill – we descendents are not ‘refugees’ as “palestinians” are. The culture we bend backwards to accommodate, to the detriment of our own not only removes borders, but annhiilates the basic definition of humanity – here’s one example, warning, they are shocking:

    ……..and what woman really wants to live in a woman only society? The catiness would be unbearable – we like men, just not the devout, adherent Mussslimm ones who see us as chattel and punch bags/whores etc.

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