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But does he reject the sharia?

Lets be clear about one thing here, those representing the fickle, feeble minded leftist media haven’t an ounce of intelligence, otherwise they wouldn’t be continuously labeling socialists as ‘right-wing’, meaning conservatives who defend individualism, property rights, and embrace limited government and free market principles. But alas, they will never change by themselves, so one must continuously correct them, it’s a thankless job, but one must do that which is right.

Le Pen’s organization is socialist. It’s a big government, entitlement supporting, welfare state driven party, that happens to be racist in origin and intent, though they have made attempts at distancing itself from that ‘former’ party platform. Many within that party are antisemites as well, and steadfastly refuse to show any sign of opening up towards the Jewish state.

The Muslim (convert to Le Penism) in the story, Omar Djellil, has renounced his ‘radicalism’ but still remains a very religious Muslim. I’m not buying the nonsense being peddled here, that he no longer constitutes a problem because he’s against the jihad, there’s no talk on where he stands with the sharia. If he’s devout as he says he is, then there must be the drive to instill the anti-democratic sharia.

NOTE: Personally, I will always have great distrust for the Front National party, because first and foremost, they’re socialists and statists. Anyway you cut it, the French have so thoroughly screwed themselves over that it’s very difficult to see a way out for them.

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