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Something tells me that they’ll soon regret not seeking asylum in the UK when they had the chance.

There are a lot of threats coming through both Facebook and on the telephone”

Zamzam Mohamed Farah

Somalia has been devastated by two decades of conflict and an al-Qaeda group controls many areas.

Its last functioning national government was ousted in 1991 and the resulting vacuum has enabled both pirates and lawlessness to flourish.


Mr Mohammed, 20, told the BBC that he and Ms Farah were going back to the capital, Mogadishu, this coming Tuesday.

He admitted that they were worried about the threats they had received but they did not intend to stay in the UK and apply for asylum as some reports had suggested.

The Islamist al-Shabab, which joined al-Qaeda in February and controls much of rural southern and central Somalia, oppose activities they deem to be “Western”, including certain sports.

Ms Farah told London-based Universal TV that she had been singled out for carrying the national flag at the opening ceremony and “exposing herself” during her race.

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