Islam in Germany



You can breathe easy now.

Me thinks the number is much, much higher…

Only About 40,000 Potential Muslim Terrorists In Germany To Vigilantly Monitor

From The New York Times:

August 9, 2012

Debate in Germany Over ‘Dangerous Jihadist’


BERLIN — Revelations that a Tunisian man who is considered a “dangerous jihadist” and may have served as a bodyguard toOsama bin Laden in 2000 has been living for years in a western German city have ignited a debate over the difficulties faced by the German authorities in trying to curtail the activities of potential Islamic extremists.

The man, identified only as Sami A., in accordance with German privacy laws, has been under observation by intelligence services in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for eight years, said a spokeswoman for the state Interior Ministry. He is idolized by young Muslims in the region for having attended a training camp of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, said the spokeswoman, Birgit Axler.

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  1. Absurd and bizarre. The numbers these ‘officials’ throw around are an insult to everyone.

    About 10 years ago the police chief of Berlin personally told me that there are at any given time about 70.000 ‘gewaltbereite Islamisten’ in Berlin; (Muslim soldiers who are ready to engage in violence)

    And then the media spokesmen tell us there are 2000, other times 4000, or whatever their superiors tell them to say in the whole of Germany.

    Fact: when the imam calls for jihad, every muslim has to participate, that is the fuggly truth.

    But those who are responsible for this mess just can’t get their heads around that.

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