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They’ve been scheming against the West ever since Bin-Laden entered Afghanistan. The ISI have been playing a dual role of ”fighting the Taliban and cooperating with them” for as long as I can remember. This latest development is important, it shows that the over arching cooperation has always had an Islamic foundation. They want an Islamic justification for the overthrowing of the Kabul government and returning to the status quo, in other words, a Taliban run regime.

From Vlad: Below, an original translation translation from an Afghan Newspaper by Shabnam

Pakistan’s ISI chose another way to create a war against Afghanistan government

According to news from reliable sources sent to “Arman Melli”, Pakistan’s Intelligence services (ISI) intends on having another convention with 1500 Pakistani
Mullahs and Afghan Taliban members in Quetta.

Abdullah Zakir, a high official member of The Taliban is the head organiser of this meeting who works closely with the Taliban’s leader, Molla Mohamad Omar.

According to this report, ISI is asking the participants of this convention to issue A “Fatwa” against the Islamic government of Afghanistan that the government of Afghanistan is a non-Islamic government Western puppet to which, jihad against it is mandatory.

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