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But wait, the architects of multiculturalism say these no-go areas don’t exist! But of course they do, just ask the non-Muslim folk (even firemen and police) who are victimized there.

H/T: BadNewsFromTheNetherlands

Hilversum: New Victims in the No-Go Area

Non-Western immigrants have created a no-go area in the bar and restaurant district of the town. The latest incident concerns the severe beating of two girls (18 and 15) by two Moroccans after they refused to give the boys a cigarette. They were both hospitalized.

In May, a 30-year old Swede was almost kicked to death by Moroccan men. In April, Moroccan youngsters beat two men so severely that they had to be hospitalized.


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  1. Start deportations immediately, vote for Geert Wilders!!

    1. Are you fucking kidding me? You don’t think white people have caused more fucking damage? I live in Middelburg, the Netherlands, and a WHITE young man was stabbed to death a few days ago by a WHITE man. So stop this insane bigotry, and open your eyes up to the reality. Geert Wilders is a xenophobic uneducated jackass, and so are all of you if you believe that Moroccans are the only ones causing havoc in society.

      I happen to come from Hilversum, and I’ve been harassed far more times by white males, than any Moroccan, or “Muslim” males.

      1. Sounds like Emma has bitten into the poisoned anti-European /anti-White apple. One of the key ingredients in antisemitism is the placing of all the negative human traits equally known to, and shared by humanity, and place them as the sole property of Jews. Emma is doing exactly that, in expressing her hatred of European society. Putting up straw men in order to knock them down, she places words into the mouths highlighting the highly disproportional number of Muslim criminals in comparison to other immigrant groups, as well as to the host society, while failing to address the facts on the ground. 4.5% of the country is in fact a ”big deal” when taking into account the damage many of their number are causing. Antisemitism is rife throughout the Muslim communities in the Netherlands, as well as throughout the rest of Europe, where one strain of the hatred is mixing and supercharging the traditional strain and vice versa.

        Emma says that Europeans and Americans have been ”more barbaric” than any other race, though the record is clear, that 1400 years of Islam has laid as, or perhaps even more spectacular destructive wake as the European. What she is speaking of is European colonialism and imperialism, though she wouldn’t even think to include Turkish/Muslim colonialism/imperialism as well as the Arab variant and its supremacist ideology embedded in the Koran with it’s sharia institutionalizing 3rd class dhimmitude for those allowed to live after the rest have been either converted or murdered.

        The ills of Western society Emma speaks of have more to do with the lack of respect for individual liberty that existed before the enlightenment, statism, belief in the aristocracy to manage society from top to bottom, which Europe in the end, sought to divest itself from, (only to now welcome it back once more in the form of socialism) which ended up in the formation of the United States of America, the greatest achievement in self government ever devised (which has been under assault for over a 100 years by the statists).

        It was Europe, and then the US which ended slavery in the West, not the Islamic Middle East, where the name for blacks (Ibn) is still used, meaning slave. The ills Emma speaks of in the US, are due in large part to socialist policies, the ghetto inner cities which are single party enclaves from top to bottom, and gun violence in the streets. In each area where gun violence is rampant, it resides in state with the toughest/strictest gun laws available.

        As for allowing the people to own guns, Emma lacks the historical knowledge of why that is, to keep a tyrannical government in check, and for one’s own personal safety, later recognized by the US Supreme Court when it highlighted 2nd Amendment gun rights affect Black Americans as well, in underlining their rights to bear arms in a post Civil War period where they had to defend both their property and their very lives.

        Any group of thugs victimizing any group because they can, are in fact lower than animals, whether they be black or white, and no one group has a blanket monopoly on violence and mayhem, but highlighting that group’s role, is no basis for denouncing the messenger, the facts speak for themselves.

  2. This is only the beginning. It will get much, uch worse before it gets better.

    Even if all non-Western immigration were halted immediately, those already here are numerous enough to create a self-sustaining critical mass of escalating urban blight, crime, and religious extremism.

  3. I agree, the poison is already in the system. Even if you stop Muslim immigration, they are already there in large numbers and have claimed large territories in the cities. Geert Wilders is their only hope.

    1. 4.5% of the population really isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

  4. Europeans are too wimpy to fight back, and these animals hang in packs. In America it is blacks.

    1. “Animals” – I dare say, that us Europeans and Americans, of a caucasian type, have historically been far more barbaric than any other “race” or “ethnicity”. Black people have done nothing to you. Read some literature on the subject, and you’ll find that the ghettos that they’ve been forced to live in, have been formed due to poor governmental regulation on your part. Also, in a large part due to the historical pitfalls that they had to endure by your ancestors hands. And if there’s increased violence and what not in the USA, it’s due to the allowance for people to own guns. Watch Bowling for Columbine and gain some insights into how your government has created a society based on fear, which is why weapon sales have skyrocketed. ALSO, white people in America are responsible for far more violence and despicable behaviour than those “Black” animals you refer to.

      Please, read some literature, and educate yourself before you start spewing these xenophobic views.

  5. When nationals have to fear foreigners in their own country – this is no longer their country.

  6. As long as throwing lemons is a ‘hate crime’, while rape and violence is only a cultural misunderstanding, there is no incentive for improvement.

    One does not should not pander to bullies.

    1. Well we certainly pandered to the enemy when we attacked an ally in the Balkans conflict…..The Leftist media came into their own by painting the muslims as the victims (yet again)….Seems ethnic cleansing is only important to our media and politicians when it comes to muslims..

  7. Many of the cities if The Netherlands, if not the entire nation, have been lost to us. More native Netherlanders are emigrating out each year than are being born to replace them. Places like Bijlmermeer in Amsterdam, and Rotterdam itself, have long been taken over the the moslems. But it is spreading like a cancer, and like a cancer it must be surgically removed to protect the host.

    Even if such drastic matters to excise the cancer were to be taken, I still fear it may be to late for the patient: The Netherlands.

  8. Heads in sand, a$$es in the air, barbarians already inside the gates.
    Truly sad and pathetic.

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