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‘Europe Will Collapse as the Soviet Union Did’

“It’s inevitable that the European project should reach a crisis – as it was inevitable that Lenin’s project in 1917 should do the same.”

Roger Scruton has no doubt: the European Union will collapse as it happened with the Soviet Union. Hailed as “Britain’s foremost conservative philosopher” by the The Wall Street Journal, Professor at Oxford and St. Andrews, Scruton is author of twenty books, including, “The Meaning of Conservatism” and the latest “The Face of God.” He is one of the very few intellectuals who predicted the implosion of the European project.

“The European crisis has come about, in my view, for two reasons,” Scruton tells me. “First, there was the original project, to create a united states of Europe. This project was conceived without any Plan B. It seemed imperative to achieve it, and no provisions were made for failure, or for a change of direction. The machine lumbers forward without feedback, and can make no adjustments to a changing reality. Second, the project was entrusted to a bureaucracy, with extraordinary legislative and administrative powers. Those responsible for pushing things forward are neither elected by the people nor answerable to the people in any election. They proceed at uniform speed in a straight line until reaching the inevitable immovable obstacle. When that happens, it will all be over. But the damage will be enormous.”

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  1. KGS:

    I’m afraid the United States will collapse as did the USSR. Basically, the USSR collapsed under a crushing burden of debt. Once they couldn’t pay the Army anymore, they were finished.

    Here in the U.S. we are racking up debt on feel-good projects paid for with debt money while our states and local government struggle to keep police and firemen on staff. In this respect, I can already see the early analogous signs of the fall of the USSR. If we can’t afford police and firemen to protect us, anarchy is right around the corner.

    Europeans speak of Greece. Americans speak of Greece. Nobody speaks of California which is under tremendous financial stress.

    When Europe breaks up, it will go to the status quo ante; the way things used to be. If the USA breaks up, there will be a “new world order” the likes of which George Bush Sr. wasn’t quite expecting.

    1. I agree. Whether in the EU or in the US, statism has been on the ascendancy for a long time. Only a collapse is waiting at the end of that long dark road. The US is a post-constitutional society…or as in Mark Levin’s words…Ameritopia. Read his latest spells it out rather starkly.

  2. The situation in the US is fiscal insanity. No one is making serious efforts to reduce the national debt. Occasionally someone will put forth a plan, which when looked at closely turns out to be a reduction in the rate at which the debt is growing.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration plans to impose a massive new tax increase for Obama care, is creation new government programs and bureaucracies left and right, is relaxing welfare requirements, and has essentially stopped enforcing immigration laws while simultaneously facilitating the awarding of social benefits to illegal aliens.

    California is a perfect example of this trend at the state level. Despite the enormous financial problems facing California, the Democrats still don’t get it. They continue with a tax-and-spend agenda in the face of the worst economic situation since the Great Depression.

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