Olympics Ramadan



Actually I’m amazed that they didn’t try to get it moved to another month, but perhaps they’re already thinking about it for the next time around.

London 2012 Olympics

Muslim athletes face Ramadan dilemma

By Ines Burckhardt

Tihmina Kohistani has not missed a fast during Ramadan since she was 10 years old. But the 22-year-old sprinter for Afghanistan’s Olympic team will not observe the tradition this year.

“It is a dilemma for me and many Muslim athletes,” she says of the call for Muslims to refrain from eating between sunrise and sunset for the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

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  1. Well here is what I think about it.
    Go fuck yourself with your ramadan. For you to participate in the Olympics is haram.
    So stay in your shit hole and don’t bother the civilized world with your 7th century insane so called religion of ignorance and death. Pig manure be on Mo’s head.

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