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 One law for them (lenient)…and another for us.

The judge of course erred, British law should be applied evenly between all peoples, regardless from where the originally hailed. If the man acted like he did out of respect of his own culture and its mores…it proves he wasn’t assimilated and multiculturalism an abject failure.


Sentencing Hussain Judge Michael Leeming said: ‘You’re a man of high standing in the local Asian community and take your family, culture and religion very seriously.

‘Its clear that these offences were committed in the context of your strict religious and cultural beliefs.

‘At home Rabia had in your view departed from what was expected of her. ‘But of course she was 16 and entitled to make her own decisions and mistakes.  ‘And if it comes about that she has made a mistake then she will know it is of her own making.

‘I am satisfied this was a strange loss of temper but an attempt to part your own influence and control on your daughter an attempt to coerce her in to conforming with your own beliefs.’

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  1. ‘I am satisfied this was a strange loss of temper”

    So when has that been an excuse?
    As for ‘strange’ loss of temper, no, I would probably guess that he frequently loses his temper but only towards his own family and never towards those that he believes are stronger than him (ie infidels), in which case he probably bows his head, smiles and behaves humbly.
    Muslims are devious and two-faced which quite understandably fools most people, but once you understand what they are all about, then you can read them like a book – they are so predictable.
    This guy probably acts the pious little saint when he is around non-believers, but give him a gun to point at a non-Muslim’s head and he would probably use it!
    Remember the phrase that is commonly used against serial killers, ‘the quiet ones are the worst’. The same applies to Muslims. They are passive on the outside but tyrants behind closed doors. He most likely rules his own family with a rod of iron, but to his infidel neighbors, he is a harmless old man.
    Never trust these bastards. Once they gain the upper hand they will act like savages!

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