Olympics Western Appeasement Whining Arabs



Dhimmi IOC marching to the tune of their masters…. (the OIC).

This kind of head bow to Islam is taken as de facto Islamic supremacy by the followers of that dangerous religious/political ideology, as well as showing once again the IOC’s complete subservience to the OIC’s pressure.

More here.

5 Responses

  1. If they are not ‘facing’ mecca then what is, pray tell me?

    1. Their habitual speaking orifice would then be facing mecca.

  2. Islamic petro dollars at work.
    I’m sure I saw a horse jump through a cresent moon.
    England 2012: selling its soul to the devil to pay its welfare bills. It will all end in blood and tears.

  3. I’d find out which direction Mecca was and make sure that every time I took a piss I pissed in that direction. While eating a ham sandwich. And shouting Praise Jesus.

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