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But I’m sure that the EU is full of moronic Marxists.

Europe Wants ‘Tangible Evidence’ of Hezbollah Terrorism Before Acting Against It

( – Israeli officials and Jewish organizations have criticized the European Union’s continuing reluctance to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization, warning that at a time of escalating Iranian-sponsored international terrorism and the crisis in Syria failure to do so could impact on Mideast and global security.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah last week publicly reiterated his support for the Assad regime – the Lebanese Shi’ite group’s most important ally after Tehran – and accused the United States of fomenting the crisis it currently faces, prompting concerns that Hezbollah could mount fresh attacks in support of Damascus.

Israel meanwhile has accused Hezbollah and its patron, Iran, of responsibility for the July 18 bombing in Bulgaria, which cost the lives of five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian.

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  1. What about the bombing of the US marines in Beirut? What about the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri? What about all the lebanese they’ve killed?

  2. From the article:

    “Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis said Hezbollah was engaged in political, social and “armed wing” activities, and told her Israeli counterpart, Avigdor Lieberman, that there was “no CONSENSUS among the E.U. member states for putting Hezbollah on the terrorist list.”

    Consensus is faux democracy trickery concieved of by the communists. It is a veague concept of majority that implies unanamous agreement yet means nothing specific. It gives the illusion of democracy while giving the manipulating clique absolute control over the rest. If the groups manipulator doesn’t want something to happen all he has to do is word the proposition a certain way then claim to not see a “consensus”. I am alarmed but not surprised to see it being used by weasly EU beurocratchiks.

    I would very much like to know who was it who was supposed to see if there was such consensus.

    We saw “consensus” in action during the recent communist led OWS movement.

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