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The Left never lets a good opportunity to smear its opposition go by.

No on knows better about this than Fjordman, who had to endure the police confiscating his socks, (yes his socks) as the leftist Norwegian state burst into his life trying to make him into satan incarnate. The Norwegian political elite should hold their head in shame, but seeing that they believe themselves to be above us mere mortals, (when one is a Leftist, they believe themselves to be the ultimate in virtue) they’ll never second guess themselves.

The Left Distorts Breivik’s Mental World

by Daniel Pipes
July 22, 2012
Cross-posted from National Review Online

CAP’s research, which was much cited and had vast influence on the reporting of Breivik’s mental formation, would lead one to believe that Breivik’s sources of information came exclusively from those “right-wing pundits and organizations.” Not so. Although I noted a year ago the essential deceit of this characterization, the full picture became apparent only later, thanks to a complete concordance created by Steven Emerson’s Investigative Project on Terrorism of the over 1,600 personal names in 2083.

IPT’s research establishes that, yes, Breivik certainly did mention conservatives, but he also mentioned about as many liberals and leftists, not to speak of Christians and Muslims, historical figures and writers. With IPT’s authorization, I am posting the 84 names mentioned ten or more times in 2083. (The discrepancy between CAP’s and IPT’s numbers results from their differing methodologies.)

IPT’s list of 84 top mentions includes a very wide range of figures.

 More here.

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  1. Quote: (when one is a Leftist, they believe themselves to be the ultimate in virtue)

    The reverse is the truth. There has been no ideology in the history of mankind, that has taken as many lives, in the most ruthless ands brutal manner, as the Leftists,communists/marxists/progressives or whatever they call themselves. In the USSR, China, and other assorted countries, this ideology of the Left, has murdered around 150 million people in the course of just 80 years.

    Marxism and the Left are demonic, and make the Islamic genocides pale in comparison.

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