He no doubt has seen a bloodbath by the Syrian regime, but why this priest chooses to remain silent over the brutalities committed by jihadis is for you to decide. Here’s a hint though, he turned an ancient Syrian monastery he restored into a place for Christian-Muslim dialogue.

The article euphemistically labels the opposition as  ‘pro-democracy forces’, but the Tundra Tabloids’ readers are better informed, knowing full well that the ranks of the opposition overflows with Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaida types. We know all too well where this ‘democratic movement’ 9if successful) is headed.

A Jesuit priest thrown out of Syria for criticizing Bashar Assad’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy forces is visiting North America and will be in Toronto Thursday and Friday. He’s bringing a message for fellow Christians and others: It’s un-Christian and immoral to be fretting only or mostly about the possible plight of the Christian minority in post-Assad Syria, while doing little to save the overwhelming majority of Syrians being massacred by the Assad regime.

Rev. Paolo Dall’Oglio says the regime is “ethnic cleansing” those who oppose it, and is sowing sectarian divisions much the same way Slobodan Milosevic did in Bosnia in the 1990s.

Father Paolo is no ordinary priest. He’s world renowned for having dedicated his life to restoring a 6th-century desert mountain monastery in Syria.

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  1. Ken, an ongoing concern of Christians who have not buried their heads in the sand relates to a future Syria where the Brotherhood is calling the shots – and what that means for minorities – especially Christians.

    The Reverend Father Dall’Oglio certainly makes all the right noises but it seems all to pious and preachy to me.

    Maybe he should stick to his restoration hobby and Byzantine /Islamic Art and leave off meddling in matters that disclose a strange lack of empathy for Christians who are being persecuted all over the Islamic world.

    Just another useful idiot?

  2. Things only get done when Arabs riot and burn British, Israel and USA embassies and people get killed this way. So, as it is not about Israel Arabs really do not care about their own people or they would be burning down Syrian embassies all over the place and implementing BDS and sending the message virally, and that’s the long and the short of it. Meanwhile the west worries for all the people as we understand the sanctity of everyone’s life.

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