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Always keeping it classy.

From PMW Watch, the pic with higher resolution from Edler of ZiyonThe animalization and demonization of Israelis by the Palestinian Authority. Your tax Euros and dollars hard at work.

NOTE: Time to end the aid to these reprobates.

Israel is a monster that stabs and eats children – Palestinian art on PA TV

PA TV host: “Artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam has been dealing with the Palestinian nation’s problems, such as the Gaza massacres. What have you been working on lately? This painting is about the Gaza massacre.”

Artist Abd Al-Hai Msallam: “Here I show the people, the children, and the Zionist enemy’s cruelty and savagery.”

[The painting shows a monster impaling children on his bayonet and eating them one by one. On the lower right, dead children are piled up to be eaten and two baby monsters are also shown eating children. The three monsters wear skull caps with a Star of David. The scene takes place in the monster’s underground lair, just under cacti that are growing on the surface. A Star of David is also painted on the lock of the lair.]

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  1. Every couple of days I read posts from the West committing similar libels freely in forums.

    Easy to rebut but the problem is the volume. More and more sheeple bleat the Big Lies.

    The side of evil is winning this propaganda war. It’s sad to see that the Israeli government does not intend to win on this most important front.

  2. The Arab Palestinians may call this “art,” but it’s evil propaganda of the vilest kind. It creates a lasting visual image in the mind of those who view it—which can only serve to further warp the thinking of those already seeking out such “proof” of supposed Israeli-generated horrors.

    The question is not why do the Arab Palestinians eagerly drink up this poison, but why do Westerners— usually so sensitive to the slightest sign of political incorrestness, never mind the blatant hate propaganda shown here—remain silent.

  3. The Israeli Govt, of course, speaks out against such dangerous lies but evil is always going to be attracted to evil.
    Imagine the effect on innocent children being raised on this poison. It’s child abuse and warps their minds.

  4. Humans have a history of believing untruths for a long time, but in general, if there is constant discourse, eventually the truth prevails. Serious funding of PR professionals is in dire need for the pitifully underfunded Israeli hasbara department.

    For example, the IDF was tight-lipped for two days on the Marmara incident, meanwhile the provocateurs’ message had gone around the world many times.

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