When common sense runs into governmental tomfoolery.

In Leiden, the right of birds to crap, outweighs the consideration a cafe proprietor’s has for his customers.

Café Owner Heavily Fined for Protecting Customers against Raven Excrement

From (the must read blog) BadNewsFromTheNetherlands:

The owner of a tea house in Leiden has been fined 5,000 Euro because he put up two sun umbrellas to protect his customers from raven excrement. He had no building permission for putting up the shades on wheels and the municipality claims that such permission is required. The man paid the fine in order to remain on good terms with the municipality. He will now have to chase the ravens away with rattles.

4 Responses

  1. This sounds very much like a mafia-type shake down. Shame on Leiden!

  2. Perhaps the inventer of the Bug-A-Salt can modify his design for a Raven-A-Salt gun to provide to his customers. Call it an environmentally friendly two-fer providing entertainment with each meal.

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