France Socialism



75% tax on anyone earning over a million Euros!

The only thing wealth distribution achieves, is tyranny.

The French are going to leave France in droves. This is the full weight of the socialist agenda being bared right before your eyes people, they want to control your wealth and fashion society according to their whims. Get enough dumbed down ‘takers’ on your side and you can (through the power of the vote) wrestle away other people’s hard earned wealth from them.

This is nothing more than tyranny through the ballot box, and the socialists, remember, are never done, there is always another gambit waiting to be deployed to further rob you of your liberty. The best thing France could have done to stimulate its economy was to abolish taxation for a year, and allow their free market (what’s left of it) to work its magic.

French lawmakers abolish tax breaks, boost taxes on rich

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  1. Oh I see, tax the natives more to pay for the immigrants, who the natives don’t won’t in the first place . Filthy lying racist communists.

    1. Socialists don’t like meritocracy. Both concepts are diametrically opposed. Bleeding people dry for their own advancement is what they have in common with Islam.

  2. I remember vividly from my days as an employee that the increased taxes on overtime were a major disincentive to put in extra hours. I don’bt see how Hollande figures that punishing people for working harder is going to jump start the economy.

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