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The Bulgarian bus bombing by Iran against Israeli Jewish children, is only a series of hits

From Vlad:

A statement to the Iranian media from Shabnam Assadollahi and Shadi Paveh

Posted on July 19, 2012 by Eeyore

Shabnam’s Facebook page:

Due to scheduling conflicts, time constraints and the overwhelming number of requests for interviews by the media, , we, Shabnam Assadollahi and Shadi Paveh, the two Canadian-Iranians responsible for translating and making public the Hamid Mohammadi article, would like to make a statement to the Iranian media as a whole.

Our true goal was to protect Canada and the Canadians who are so welcoming and accepting of all cultures. As Iranian expatriates we are all aware of the Iranian Embassy’s sinister activities. The question is why no one but us has ever made it public. After all we are not merely visitors of Canada. We are citizens and we owe it to her to protect her. Silence seems to be Iran’s unofficial language regarding these issues.

A few Iranian news agencies have blamed this article for souring diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran. It is a well known fact that the death of Zahra Kazemi under unimaginable torture in 2003 in Evin prison was the start of these icy relations. More icicles were formed by the arrest and senseless tortures of Saeed Malekpour, Hamid Ghassemi-Shall and Hossein Derakhshan, who are all long time Canadians citizen. As such the translation of this article is not in any way responsible for the poor relations, and to claim otherwise is simply due to the lack of knowledge of Canada’s ongoing frustration with Iran’s present regime. The tough sanctions on Iran put forth by Canada were in effect long before the interview in question. It could not have been of any help when President Ahmedinejad, denied the existence of the Holocaust in an International interview or when the Vice President of Iran, Mr. Rahimi very recently made anti-Semitic remarks in a UN sponsored event, not to mention this regime repeated asinine threats to annihilate another country.

Also let us highlight some of the regime’s masterpieces which may be responsible for the reputation.

Systematic arrests, lengthy imprisonments and torture are regular occurrences in Iran as the present regime has actively cleansed its populace of opposition parties, human rights activists, journalists, woman’s rights advocates, lawyers, labor activists, homosexuals, Christians, Jews and Baha’is, all under the umbrella of political prisoners. These tortures range from daily beatings, floggings, electrocution, eye gauging to having ones children raped before one’s eyes. Furthermore, the Islamic Republic of Iran holds the world record for the second highest number of executions, stones both men and women, hangs juveniles, amputates hands and feet for theft, and systematic rape or both men and women.

This regime also imprisons and executes Iranian expatriates as previously mentioned. Zahra Bahrami was a dual Dutch-Iranian citizen when she was hanged in 2011. These are merely examples of hundreds of thousands of cases during the 33 year reign of this despotic regime. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, United Nations and Reporters Without Borders have 863, 298, 62 and 56 reports respectively on the gross human rights violations by the Islamic Regime. Additionally,in March 2012, Mr. Ahmad Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur for Iran, presented a report on the gross human rights violations in Iran to the United Nations and Mr. Geoffrey Robertson, a prominent UN jurist, wrote a 145 report documenting the 1988 massacre of political prisoners

To overlook these crimes against humanity and nonchalantly provide a platform for such an entity by one’s silence is inconceivable and morally reprehensible.

Some Iranian media have also claimed that as a result of this article Iranians abroad may be looked upon unfavorably as spies or even terrorists. To this we say that there have always been many spies, terrorists and IRGC agents abroad, which has nothing to do with the translation of our article and everything to do with the regime sponsoring such activities. One must remember to not shoot the messenger for the message. Iranians are suspected of terrorism because the regime sponsors Hezbollah and other terrorist groups in North Africa, because the regime has boldly carried out assassination abroad and because of such acts as the 1994 bombing of a Jewish Center in Argentina and not simply because of an article. To think otherwise is truly baffling.

On one point of interest why is it that the Islamic Republic of Iran is so ready to use their rights of freedom of speech in Canada in Embassy sponsored “Khomeini love ins”, in Carlton University and in conventions preaching fundamentalist Islamic ideology, whilst there is not one single Iranian citizen who is granted the freedom of speech or religion? Why is this regime trying to take away the freedom of expression of activists in Canada if they were simply born in Iran? Are all Iranians inside and outside of Iran the Islamic Republic of Iran’s property?

We are simply activists, joined together through our love for humanity, all of humanity, East and West who will continue to expose this regime by educating the public in any way possible.

Shabnam Assadollahi and Shadi Paveh

Ottawa, Canada


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