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The Alaed’s previous attempt to convey the Mi-25 gunships to the regime of of President Bashar al-Assad under a Curaçao flag caused anger in London and Washington. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the aircraft would be used to kill innocent civilians.

The ship’s new destination is unclear but maritime data show it was travelling south off Norway on Thursday and is due in Baltiysk on the Baltic coast of Kaliningrad, Russia’s exclave between Poland and Lithuania, on July 17.

A spokesman for Femco, the Russian company which owns the cargo vessel, said on Friday that it would arrive in St Petersburg two days later and may then head to the Russian Far East.

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  1. Legally or morally, I see nothing wrong here. It is the US and Saudi Arabia, that are supplying arms to the MB in Syria. This is clearly illegal, as Syria is a UN member, and there has been no SC resolution against it.

    1. Clearly, there IS nothing wrong with it. The proliferation of convential arms is a theme that these wishy-washy leftwing “intelligentsia” have usurped since 1968 to develop a disingenuous “anti-imperialist” World Solidarity Doctrine with, with the aim to justify Soviet arms proliferation and consequently condemn the Western arms industry. They have continued this doctrine after the fall of the Soviet Empire, so they had to look for other alliances. Which doesn’t make it less disingenuous in this day and age.

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