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The first word that came to mind to describe this guy was ‘moron’, it’s an added laugh that he actually looks like one as well. I wonder if he has read his post box mail at the E.U. parliament already, ”special greetings from Tommy”. 🙂

You spineless coward, Love Tommy!”

H/T: Scottish Infidel

Socialist MEP Richard Howitt has demanded an investigation after right-wingers allegedly “hijacked” parliament’s facilities.

It comes following what the deputy called a “clandestine” meeting of European far-right groups on Monday.

[TT: Clandestine, well, the meeting took place without any fanfare because of the political climate totalitarians like Howitt and like ilk, like to foment. ]

The British member has now raised the issue with parliament’s president Martin Schulz.

[TT: Martin ‘Sargent’ Schulz is another dull blade totalitarian on the socialist left, that UKIP’s Nigel Farage uses as a verbal punching bag when it suits him.]

On Monday afternoon, Tommy Robinson of the English Defence League (EDL) spoke to the meeting and described himself as the president of the British freedom party.

[TT: It never happened. The claim has the consistency of pure helium]

The meeting was hosted behind the “cover” of the launch of a new front organisation called the International Civil Liberties Alliance.

[TT: Cover? The ICLA organization organized and sponsored the event, the minutes to the event is for all eyes to see, nothing covered there.]

The gathering was publicised on parliament’s internal TV screens, but only as a “meeting by non-attached”.

Far right members from organisations in Germany, Sweden and the UK attended the meeting, and literature was sold to attendees.

[TT: Anyone not allied with the multicultural totalitarian left are labeled with the infamous ”far-right” term. It’s really getting boring at this point.]

One keynote speaker said that the mainstream media represented “a threat to life and liberty”.

Adding, “A society which becomes more Muslim becomes less everything else.”

[TT: Finally some substance]

Howitt has, in the past, criticised EDL attempts to form different European ‘defence leagues’ by using their Facebook page.


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  1. Who do these ☭ socialists think they are? They are so full of themselves, they think they run the place!
    (great picture of Tommy(for PM))

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