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July 9, 2012
European Parliament, Brussels

Free Speech After Breivik

by Ned May

Two weeks from today is the first anniversary of the massacre in Norway of 77
civilians, many of them teenagers, by the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

For the purposes of today’s discussion I would like to put aside the sheer incomprehensible horror of what Breivik did that day. The magnitude of his crime, and the suffering of the survivors and the families of his victims, have been covered at length in media news reports and commentary.

I propose to bracket the incident itself for a moment — put it in a black box labeled “The Butcher of Utøya”, close the lid, and set it to one side — while we examine the ripples of events after the massacre as they washed over the dedicated opponents of Islamization across the entire Western world.

All of those who struggle every day to resist the advance of shariah in Europe felt the effects of the massacre immediately, within twelve hours after the last shot rang out on Utøya, as the finger of blame pointed in their direction.

Gates of Vienna, the blog my wife and I manage, was at the epicenter of the controversy last summer, due to our close working relationship with Fjordman. In the weeks following the killings, Fjordman — the pseudonym of the Norwegian writer Peder Jensen — and our site were referred to as “Breivik’s mentors” because we were mentioned and quoted so many times in the killer’s “manifesto”. The epithets hurled in our direction were always extreme, sometimes vile, and occasionally threatening. And they continue to this day.

One does not have to posit a conspiracy to “weaponize” Anders Behring Breivik to account for the coordinated attacks aimed at critics of Islam. The weapon was loaded, cocked, and ready to fire as soon as an opportunity afforded, long before Anders Behring Breivik drove into downtown Oslo that afternoon. The campaign designed to destroy the “Islamophobes” had been prepared well in advance, and was simply waiting for a psychopath like Breivik to step forward and pull the trigger.

I experienced a sense of déja vu during those ghastly few weeks after the massacre in Norway, but it was several months before I understood what had prompted it.

Hunkering down and taking enemy fire simply for speaking out against the Islamization of Europe — when had that happened before?

The answer, of course, is that the sense of similarity was prompted by what occurred right here in this auditorium at the European Parliament almost five years ago. The participants in the 2007 conference had no idea that they were about to become victims of a carefully coordinated series of left-wing attacks prepared well in advance of the event.

Most of those who attended that year’s conference will remember the aftermath, when a series of slurs orchestrated by the then-popular blogger Charles Johnson caused so many of us to duck for cover. We were subjected to the same sort of mud-slinging that is even now aimed at us — we were “neo-Nazis”, “fascists”, “haters”, “racists”, “xenophobes”, and on and on and on. You all know the litany.

Mr. Johnson was fed his material — a mixture of disinformation and distortions — by several left-wing groups here in Europe, including the notorious “anti-fascist” outfit Expo in Sweden. Regardless of whether he believed everything he published, he appeared uninterested in fact-checking any of it, provided that it served to damage those Europeans who love their countries and want to preserve their cultures from destruction.

The post-Breivik attacks have been of exactly the same type, although they were of course far worse. The similarity is no accident: the global alliance of Leftists and Islamic organizations has prepared an arsenal ready to be used against us whenever the opportunity arises. Their purpose is to shut down any criticism of Islam and shariah. They seek to damage and discredit those who hold such opinions. Their actions are intended deter others who might express similar views by presenting them with prominent examples of Islam-critics who are arrested, or harassed in the street and at home, or fired from their jobs, or hounded day and night by the left-wing media.

None of this is a coincidence. The playbook for it was written long ago, and serves to implement the agenda of the OIC. Part of Secretary General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu’s famous ten-year plan involves silencing any significant criticism of Islam in the West. We are more than halfway through those ten years, and Professor Ihsanoglu is more than halfway to his goal. Islam-critics are being silenced. Free speech is being destroyed in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe, with the complicity of democratic governments ostensibly committed to civil liberties and universal human rights.

I invite you to notice the means by which these nefarious goals are being accomplished. Our miserable house is being destroyed from within by our hands, to paraphrase the apt description contained in the 1991 Explanatory Memorandum by the Muslim Brotherhood.

To state it plainly: we are being induced to turn upon one another and denounce our colleagues in the vain hope of escaping the label of “racist” or “fascist”.

This sort of fratricidal conflict occurred after the attacks by Charles Johnson in the wake of the 2007 conference, and it occurred to an even greater extent after Breivik. To preserve their reputations or careers, Islam-critics were pressured to repudiate other Islam-critics on whom the label “fascist” had stuck. Prominent writers felt it necessary to “distance themselves” from Breivik — even though the murderous psychopath had nothing whatsoever to do with them or what they stood for.

This is how the enemy aims to conquer us — by dividing us one from another. By making us take stands against each other instead of against the oppressive ideology that plans to destroy us. By making us fearful and avoidant of those who should be our closest friends and allies.

This audience is obviously an exception to what I have just described. Anyone who is willing to come here to the heart of Eurabia and listen to speeches by Mark Steyn and Lars Hedegaard and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has been immunized against all the bilious epithets that may be flung at him.

This audience has both talked the talk and walked the walk.

Yet it is important to remain conscious of the inexorable pressures that are brought to bear against us, if we are to continue to resist them. There will be other occasions when these sorts of attacks will be mounted against us, and the next wave may be even more powerful and more ruthless than the last one. What lies ahead may be far worse than the vitriol that has been aimed at us over the past year.

We must resist all attempts to fragment us and turn us against each other. We must remember who our friends and allies are. We must support each other in the struggle to preserve free speech and resist the tyranny of shariah.

As Jesus said, and Abraham Lincoln later reminded us: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

I will not repudiate nor distance myself from anyone who shares the same goals and adheres to the same principles. We all stand for individual liberty and the time-honored values of Western Civilization.

What need is there to repudiate any of that?

6 Responses

  1. “….and was simply waiting for a psychopath like Breivik to step forward and pull the trigger.”

    they knew when that would be.
    breivik was their boy, which is why the case against him has, so far, been badly mishandled.

  2. breivik did not massacre muslims. he understood that the true enemy of our liberty and democratic rights are the elite amongst us: they are specially represented in the left.our leaders will go on betraying our rights for as long as they are convinced that no violence will be used by the betrayed.

    1. Breivik is a sick mind, it’s useless reading any ”noble” virtues into what he did, the brutal cold blooded killing of innocent civilians, he has more in common with the jihadists than with anyone else. It won’t surprise me one bit if he converts to Islam in prison.

  3. As you’all know most people don’t know what the massacre was about. And those who saw snippets of mass media think Breivik is a neo nazi.
    The world is becoming unstable and unforseen events will continue to occur.

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