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Patriots, you better pour out in strong number on election day.

Never mind the fact that it also helps to keep a permanent (high) number of people on the dole, and it’s another intrusion into the privacy of the individual. The socialists are never done with their agenda, it always has something around the corner waiting to spring on people. This is one major juicy carrot that few will resist.


For those wondering what came next after Obamacare, the answer is here: a national vacation policy. Yesterday, Derek Thompson of The Atlantic suggested that the United States was the “only advanced country without a national vacation policy”:

In Germany, workers are guaranteed a month. In the UK, they’re guaranteed more than five weeks of paid vacation. In the U.S., unique in its class, there is no such guarantee.

There’s your American exceptionalism.

In the United States, as Thompson does acknowledge, 90% of workers get at least 12 days of paid vacation from their employers. But, says Thompson, “That still puts us at the bottom of the [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development].” And, says Tompson, “Americans don’t even make use of the paid vacation they have … The United States’ long-hour culture permeates both our day-to-day family choices and our national laws, creating an up-and-down feedback loop of industriousness.”

He says this disparagingly.

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  1. I’ll wait for the movie
    (National Lampoon Vacation Policy)

  2. Proponents of this DO realize employers don’t actually pay you to go on vacation, right? I’ve been in arguments with American liberals about this when they’ve talked about how lucky we are in Sweden with our five weeks paid vacation. These people never realized (until pointed out to them) that Swedish workers paid for their own vacation through having a portion of their pay withheld each month – to be paid out instead during their vacation. Paid vacation means giving an interest free loan to your employer for a year (You earned this years vacation last year). I can opt for having these money paid out instead of paid vacation – but not until the year after I earned them.

    These Americans that don’t get “paid vacation”, would they they be okay with having 10% of their pay withheld to get this vacation? Myself, I’d prefer to get my my money strait away and save them myself, instead of having my employer act like some kind of legal guarding.

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