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Anyone noticing a trend here?

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The white Norwegian convert to Islam who has trained with al-Qaida has a history as a left-wing extremist activist, newspaper Dagbladet claims:

Here is the Norwegian who allegedly trained by al-Qaeda

– He always kept to himself, sources said of the 33-year-old who visited the mosque.

Drammen / Oslo (Dagbladet): The Norwegian convert that had received terrorist training in Yemen converted to Islam in 2008, after he had been loosely based in multiple environments on the left side of Norwegian politics. So he withdrew more and more away from his former circle of friends.


He is a 33-year-old former leftist with impeccable repute, born and raised in the Oslo area. He grew up with white, Norwegian parents and had his days in the environment around the Blitz.On resume, he listed jobs in construction companies and a kindergarten. The man has a family member who works in a ministry and he is married to a diplomat’s daughter.

The Dagbladet is told that the 33-year-old and a small group of very conservative contacts several times visited both the Rabita mosque in Calmeyers street in Oslo, and a mosque in Drammen. Rabita mosque run by the Islamic Association, and is one of the most famous mosques in Norway.

For example, visited King Harald and Crown Prince Haakon mosque in 2009, the mosque has also held several high profile events on Islam in Norway. The mosque runs a Koranic school for children, teaching Arabic, Islam and the Koran and also has a scout troop.

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  1. Many extreme Leftists and Nazis (neo and of WW2 vintage) have converted to Islam and why not? In non-heretical orthodox Islam they find a perfect home for their hatred of their own culture, West, Jews and so forth.

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