Kenya Muslim persecution of Christians


I’m not buying it.

Lets call it like it is, these Muslims are paying lip service to the Christian community, and it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the very ones calling for ”muslim vigilants groups to guard Christians”, are funding the Boko Haram and other jihadi groups. For proof of their disingenuous verbiage, they refuse to admit that the jihad being waged against these Christians, is in fact, the sole product of jihad.

Kenyan Muslims, Christians vow to prevent violence

NAIROBI, Kenya – Kenyan clerics across the religious divide vowed Tuesday to not allow sectarian violence to erupt following attacks on churches over the weekend that killed at least 15 people.

The Inter-Religious Council of Kenya said Muslims will form vigilante groups alongside Christians to guard churches in Kenya’s North Eastern Province, where the latest attacks occurred.

Adan Wachu, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims and the chairman of Inter-Religious Council, said the weekend attacks, which are being blamed on an al-Qaida-linked militant group from Somalia, are meant to trigger sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims.

Wachu said clerics will actively preach against retaliation to prevent violence from spreading in Kenya like it has in Nigeria, where attacks on churches by a Muslim sect has ignited a spiral of violence

“This is not a religious war and it has to be addressed from a different paradigm shift,” he said.

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2 Responses

  1. Probably they are mouthing this to get money from Obama.

  2. The best form of defence is attack.

    Why are Christians in Kenya, who are a majority in Kenya, taking this shiite. Are they waiting for Muslims to become the majority? If they are then they are too stupid for words.

    Muslims are doing saying what they have to, to buy time and protection. Boy these Christians are stupid.

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