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Interestingly they never mention the rights of the taxpayers.

Of course they want illegals to have healthcare, because redistributing the legal taxpaying citizens’ wealth is their top priority as well as destroying the Swedish state in the process. For the statist, there is no limit to their power and reach, the people are always ripe for the plucking.

Sweden to give illegal immigrants healthcare

Published: 28 Jun 12 12:52 CET |

The Swedish government, together with the Green Party, on Thursday presented a framework agreement that will allow undocumented immigrants in Sweden to access state subsidized healthcare.

“So-called undocumented immigrants have a legal right to subsidized healthcare,” Christian Democrat head and social affairs minister Göran Hägglund said at a Thursday morning press conference unveiling the migration policy agreement.

The healthcare agreement will give undocumented immigrants who entered Sweden illegally the same rights currently offered to legal asylum seekers.

Children up to 18 years of age will have the right to health coverage. Adults will also receive subsidized care for conditions that require urgent medical attention.

Maria Ferm of the Greens thanked the government for the cooperation on the issue, which her party says was key to a previous pledge to work with the centre-right Alliance parties on a common immigration policy.

“Children and adults are getting an extended right to healthcare and I want to say thank you that we are able to ensure an important step in human rights. The right to healthcare is a human right,” she said.

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    1. My very reaction,James; they really must hate themselves.

      To think in my youthful travels in Sweden and Norway, I was an admirer of all things Swedish.

  1. Sweden has been on suicide watch for years. Why is this new insanity a surprise? Sounds like the work of the far Left in the USA. Illegal aliens are now ‘undocumented workers’ and have been privy to free emergency room service for decades in the USA.
    At one point my daughter thought she wanted to be a doctor so she got a job as a scribe and followed a doctor through his emergency room duties and documented his instructions for patients. Almost every American citizen who were of Mexican decent would come to the hospital pretending to be a illegal alien. Why? So they would not be held responsible for their medical bill. Illegals are free and citizens pay with insurance and cash.
    This clogs up the emergency rooms with minor ailments. Also a bed in the emergency unit is held up because the patient needs a translator. So that causes an additional wait. The feisty doctor my daughter assisted would occasionally insult some of the more obnoxious ones he thought were faking an inability to speak English. She said she could see their faces turn hard and angry trying not to react.
    How can a medical system function with even their own citizens showing more loyalty to a nation south of the border they themselves would loathe to live in?

    1. And maybe some of ours, Joy?

      So far this month (June) we have had 1,700 illegal boat people from Indonesia.

      They fly in to Indonesia from Afghanistan and Irak, etc., , hook up with a people smuggler, pay on average $10,000.00 per person for the privilege, get in a dodgy old boat, and set sail for Christmas Island where they are met and showered with benefits and largess at the Australian taxpayers expense.

      On the way, all identification papers and passports are destroyed.

      Then once settled in comfortable housing on the mainland they next apply for the extended family to come under our family reunion arrangement.

      This will only change when the socialist government is shafted at the next election.

      It will be a rout.

  2. There used to be a word for this and it was always considered to be a very serious crime:

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