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  1. The journalist in this video who called Starkey a racist is typical of the trendy young Leftists who have been brain-washed by political correctness all their lives. Like a lot of young people they believe they know more than the generations who lived before them. They also believe themselves to be rebels because they speak against racism, poverty, injustice, environmental damage and so on, but they are not rebels because they behave exactly as their peers do, they dress the same, think the same and speak the same. If someone acts and dresses as they do then they must be good, but anyone who is of the old school is automatically a Nazi or a bigot! Starkey made his point but this girl wasn’t interested in rape victims, she was deaf to this, and she only heard the bits she wanted to hear, the so-called ‘racist bits’.
    Winston Churchill said that the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists and he was right.
    If you dress up in jackboots, combat gear, have a skinhead cut and shout anti-Semitic remarks – it’s obvious you’re a Neo-Nazi, but if you wear dungarees, talk about Mother Earth, wear a CND badge and shout anti-Semitic remarks then you fit in with the PC fashion, so you couldn’t possibly be a Nazi. This is how a lot of people today think.
    Of course, the smart Nazis have done exactly as Churchill said, they’ve adopted the PC fashion and changed their name.
    It’s about time people started judging others on their words and actions, and not on their fashion sense or what they call themselves. It’s about time that people started to listen too. It’s not all about race or racism. It’s about common morality and about the difference between right and wrong. Common morality is common morality, it doesn’t change with fashion and it doesn’t wear jackboots or dungarees!

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