Dearborn Michigan Muslim persecution of Christians



Get with it folks, the more these folks become emboldened to commit random acts of violence, the more they are going to be harder to contain. Where these Christians being provocative, yes, but as Vlad said during a recent talk about the film, there are many different ways to handle the situation, polite, or even heated debate, but adults standing by watching the youth assault these people with milk crates, chunks of concrete and full cans of soda pop, is not the way to handle it.

Though the Dearborn police stood there with their thumbs up their collective arses, it basically gave the mob the “thumbs up” to commit acts of violence unimpeded by the law. This is sharia law in action, in the streets and very ugly like, it’s called vigilantism.

NOTE: The small crowd of Christian provocateurs however, did not raise one finger against their attackers, they took the blows a they walked themselves out. Islam however took even more than blows, they received black eyes and they don’t even know it, ‘cus’ this is how they do it back home.

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  1. I only watched four minutes of this (I’ll watch the rest later) and then I had to stop the video because it was making me angry. I’m still too angry to say anything rational or meaningful, so I’m just going to say this:
    Kick every Muslim out of the U.S.A. now!

  2. that cop is surely the most cowardly, pc driven drone in the whole of the USA.
    he should be cited for dereliction of duty and fraud.

  3. Arabs saying “Go the Fù$k home to an American in America ?? You musy be joking, you piece of pig-shit !!!!

  4. I watched the whole thing. These hate filled Muslims really are vile.
    I’ve seen that kind of hate in the eyes of communists and blacks before but these muzzies take 1st prize.
    I hope everyone in the USA sees this video.

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