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Actually, Vlad has always maintained that hijab and burka bans shouldn’t be sought, just allow people and businesses to enforce their own private bans on who is allowed in or not. This is a case showing where such a policy will be enacted if people are allowed to choose on their own.

NOTE: I do note with humor the first name of the niqab wearer. Maroon.

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Mother is turned away from parents’ evening because she refused to remove full-face veil

  • Maroon Rafique missed an important talk concerning her son’s university education because she would not remove the niqab


PUBLISHED: 16:27 GMT, 24 June 2012 | UPDATED: 01:10 GMT, 25 June 2012

A mother was turned away from a parents’ evening because she was wearing a full-face veil.

Maroon Rafique, 40, was told that for the security and safety of children and teachers at the college there was a ban on any type of face coverings.

She was warned that unless she removed her full-face covering, known as the niqab, she would not be allowed into the college to attend.

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  1. .. I’m born in this country and I’m British. Why should what I wear offend anyone? ..

    Hmm, let’s see if I can help you Mrs Rafique. Perhaps they are offended as your choice of clothing indicates a complete disregard for the ‘cultural sensitivities of the silent majority, who may regard such clothing as a symbol of gender oppression and discrimination?

    Perhaps they regard it as a divisive exclusionary symbol of a cultural or religious belief they do not share?

    Perhaps they are offended at the rejection and lack of respect for our open face society, where facial expression plays an important role in communication?

    Perhaps they are offended at the appearance of double standards, in your determination to adorn yourself in public with a garment they regard as an extreme symbol of religious belief, whilst other religions are encouraged, even coerced, to reduce the visability of identifying characteristics of their faith, to avoid causing offence to others and therefore harming ‘community cohesion’?

    We too were born in this country so were our ancestors, and we honour their memory and sacrifice in our determination to protect the hard won freedoms they achieved. Perhaps they view your veiled face as a rejection of those sacrifices and that heritage ?

    We too have cultural sensitivities Mrs Rafique. Please start giving them the same respect and consideration that we are required to give yours.

  2. I think “a fuss” is exactly what she wanted to make. Good on the college for standing its ground, even after she called her, gasp, husband!

  3. Thank you KGS I didn’t spellcheck but if anyone wishes to spread the message and repost it, they’re welcome. I’m tired of tolerance and respect being seen as a one way street, with the majority constantly forced to capitulate to the minority. We need to protect our culture by asserting our rights, and making the same demands for cultural sensitivity that others use to impose their culture on us.

    Yes, Cecilie, she possibly intended to make a fuss with the intention of getting her wish and imposing her beliefs or cultural norms on others, fully realising this was likely to cause offence or create security problems, but totally insensitive and unresponsive to any feelings but her own.

  4. On what basis should anyone accept this was a female – or who (s)he says (s)he is?

    Donning a uniform in the color of the flag of an invading culture, concealing all identity traits should be viewed as intolerable and communicated as unacceptable in a society which supposedly seeks and legally enforces cohesion. Any individual who feigns ’embarrassment’ or ‘humiliation’ for being denied the ability to don such gear should understand the sentiment inflicted was and will continue to be intentionally discomforting – as it should be for any enemy of cohesion.

  5. I’m upset because whenever she was asked to go to the college before, I used to go in her place. I would put a bag over my head, speak in a falsetto voice and pretend to be her. I did it as a favor to her because she was too lazy to leave the house.
    Imagine my horror when they asked me to uncover my face. I was worried that I would be found out, so I had no choice but to refuse. Luckily I was asked to leave and no one discovered the truth.
    I got away with it again. Phew, that was a lucky escape!

  6. I’m always surprised when a Western women gives up her status as a free human being with all the rights and privileges of her fellow citizens. But this article helps me to understand. When Mrs Rafique was told her black mask must not be worn for “security and safety” reasons, she hears it’s only because her mask is offensive to our feelings. How do you reason with such a twisted mind? That is only a very minor side issue that doesn’t block her movement in any manner.

    I am often saddened and offended when I see Finnish women playing at wearing such fancy dress but I never bother them. I politely give them the space and lack of notice they try to achieve with their costumes. They refuse the freedom their nation gives them. They do not realize the majority of converts leaves islam after 2-3 years. They are blind to the fact born-muslims look down on them for their whorish Western past. They do not understand their ‘exciting costume party’ is serious and a life of forever submission as a half-human under sharia law. It will be a painful process for them to return to freedom because everyone who showed her any kindness in the muslim community will reject her completely once she leaves islam. If she tries to leave this religion-governmental system in a muslim nation, she will do so at the peril of her life. This is a serious and dangerous road. I pity their foolishness and their future.

      1. Thank you, Raymond. I very much worry for those women. The day they wake up and realize they are trapped in a cult-governmental system which denigrates them to the status of being half human in the eyes of sharia law is going to be a hard day. I just pray they are in a Western nation once they achieve some insight.

        Also want to add well said, Tarbock!!! 🙂

  7. I’m born in this country and I’m British.

    Being born in Britain has nothing to do with being British. If that was the case then if I was born in China I would be Chinese. Unfortunately no sane person would agree with that, least of all the Chinese.

  8. Really there is no solution to the problem except repatriation.

    It sounds impossible right now but as a civil was approaches, it will become the preferred option.

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