Now, what will happen with the parliament? The military is keeping a tight leash on the fundamentalists.

Mohammad Morsi is Egypt’s new president

Published: 06.24.12, 17:31 / Israel News

Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohammad Morsi was officially declared the winner of Egypt’s run-off presidential election on Sunday.

The announcement was met with cheers by the tens of thousands of supporters gathered in Tahrir Square. (Ynet)

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  1. Ahh, Arab hurricane. It is being celebrated in Gaza. Let’s give these people a state! lol.

  2. How is Huma Mahmoud Abedin (deputy chief of staff and aide to US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton) connected to Egypt’s new President? Some may remember that Walid Shoebat broke the story last year about Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, having close familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; her mother is a member. Walid Shoebat has new information that there is a strong connection between Huma’s mother and the wife of the man whom Egyptians just elected as their new president.

    How is Huma Abedin connected to Egypt’s new President?

  3. What is the matter with Egyptians?
    They have a minor revolution which got rid of a relatively mild dictator and now they’ve voted for an Islamic dictatorship.

    1. They are muslims, doing what muslims do best, obeying their brainwashing.

    2. While I agree with your comment, consider this,
      What is the matter with western civilisation.
      The West has democracy, yet year after year they vote for less democracy.

  4. Surely this is more proof that Satan exists, islam is the prime example.

  5. Nice blog. Are you aware of BareNakedIslam? It’s one of the most popular counter-Jihad outposts on the web. We are gaining support in the US all the way to Greece to counter this plague of fundamentalism. Eventually, we shall triumph. Glory to the heartlands of the free Western world, and to our brothers in Israel, who face not only the death of their culture, as we do, but their actual death. Never be discouraged from fighting for your beautiful country, against the snakes, the Cultural Marxists, the Mohammadans and the filthy communist traitors. May Finland forever prosper!

  6. Egypt is one of the few countries in the world where the Christian population has a greater birthrate than the Muslim population. Can’t wait to see events play out. The Muslim fascist party is now in power….goodbye women’s rights, political rights etc…hello Gaza

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